Saturday, September 1, 2007

Authors and their Books

Wow! I have been getting many e-mails about my blog. Thanks to all.

One author, Likai from China wrote in about his book. He says, "I'm a freelance author in China but writing stories in English. I have just had my story book published by Mill Creek Press in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. My book is called Shuisheng the Mallard. It tells the adventures of a group of wild ducks flying to the south for the harsh winter. On the way, they met a lot of difficulties and dangers but they managed to arrived at their winter home and had a happy life there."

Laural also wrote to me and said, "My new book, "Catching Forever" is my first middle-grade novel after seven picture books.Catching Forever, Laurel Dee Gugler, James Lorimer & Co. Ltd. (part of the StreetLights series), 2007. This Junior-Grade fictional novel draws on the author's memories of growing up in a rural Mennonite community. The book speaks to universal themes of a need for acceptance and standing up to bullies."

Kevin wrote in and mentioned a book that he is creating with his wife. He says, "Her
name is Kristen Collier.
I am illustrating a children's book for her she has written titled "Joy
the Jellyfish" to be published around Thanksgiving by Dragonfly Publishing." Here is the website:
Anyone else with announcements of their book, please e-mail me.

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