Friday, August 31, 2007

Famous People Writing Children's Books

What do you think of famous people writing children's books? Madonna wrote The English Roses in September 2003. The book is illustrated by Jeffrey Fulvimari. All of a sudden, a famous singer writes a children's book? Why? She is entitled to produce her creativity as we all do but let's face it, did she receive any guidance or instruction on how to write a picture book? Are there true elements of a picture book in her story? Is it worthy of a Mr. Christie Book award or a Newbery Medal? Read the book and then answer these questions if you please.
Billy Crystal, another famous person, penned a picture book called I Already Know I Love You, illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles. You can find it here:
The famous authors will get automatic recognition when their books hit the shelves. This is their advantage. Thank goodness, the less famous, like myself can at least write this blog and get published and get read right away! (To be continued)

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