Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Children's book consulting for beginners

Children's Book Consulting for Beginners is an on-line question-answer period that helps you start on your journey to writing for children. Consulting services include:
How to begin to write for children
How do I become an author?
I will answer all your questions. Just e-mail me and I will instruct you on how to begin.
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Book Reviews

There's Going To Be A Baby by John Burningham & Helen Oxenbury is a wonderful read for moms and dads who are preparing for their second born. Here's an excerpt:
                                              Mommy, can't you
                                              tell the baby to go away?
                                              We don't really need
                                              the baby, do we?
The first born child in the story is weary about a new baby. He is wondering about the new baby. He has many questions about the new arrival and is excited to discover what is in store!
                                               I wonder if the
                                               baby will work here
                                               at the zoo one day,
                                               looking after the
I recommend this book. It is full of great images. The illustrations are well done. The whole story relays the message well. I give this book 4 out 5 books!