Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the silver anklet by mahtab narsimhan

     The Silver Anklet is part of the tara trilogy, a sequel to 'The Third Eye'. The first chapter draws the reader in and from then on is full of action with the main character Tara. It begins, "The patch of sunlight at the edge of the forest had an odd look; dirty yellow and striped. Tara squinted hard and before her very eyes it moved, took shape, stood up: a yellow-eyed hyena!"
     The hyenas take Tara's brother and two friends away and it is up to her and her friends to find them. The story is set in Morni, India. Suraj, Tara's brother, needs them to rescue him. Can Tara overcome the obstacles she faces with Zarku, her enemy with the third eye? Can she prevent him from doing away with her? Can she convince him to let Suraj free?
     Here is another exciting excerpt:
                     The hyena's teeth ripped the edge of her kurta, but Tara
                     didn't stop. The snap of its jaws was unnaturally loud.
                     She reached the edge of the clearing. The hyena was
                     gaining on her, its teeth grazed her ankle. She shrieked
                     and went crashing into the trees.
     There are many exciting, nail biting chapters in this book. The Silver Anklet, a young adult book, is a great read. I give it four out of five books!
     Thank-you Mahtab for sending me an autographed copy!
     All the best, Lily