Friday, September 28, 2007

Author Responds

Hi Lily

I attended a writing workshop at Port Joli NS led by Peter Carver and Kathy Stinson with five others. Beautiful setting, great company and excellent critiquing. What's not to like, being in an old farmhouse on the South Shore near the sea with fine weather and bears!
I am not sure how much improvement I've achieved. I'd have to ask the others involved afer I have reworked my pieces.

Barbara Wood

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Author Responds "What have you done lately to improve your writing?"

Hi Lily,

I am half way through the book “Word Painting” by Rebecca McClanahan and it has been a wonderful teaching tool. I have been focusing on the small things around me to improve my story telling technique. It’s a great read! Thanks for asking.

Andi Houdek

Children’s Picture Books

Mice in My Tummy 2006

J.P.‘s Halloween Parade Coming out soon.

My Dream of Becoming a Children's Writer

I have a dream, everyone has a dream of some kind, my dream is becoming a prolific children's writer. What's your dream? What's your American or Canadian dream? If it's becoming a children's writer, then we have something in common.
Ask yourself these questions: What can I do to further myself in this chosen profession? What can I do to make myself more knowledgeable? Can I take children's writing courses? Should I read up on how to write for children at the library?
What have you done lately to improve your writing? Write to me and I will post your answers.
Here is my e-mail:

All the best,
p.s. keep living the dream!