Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top That! Book Reviews

Two books arrived in my mail by Top That! Publishing house. The first one is called Timmy The Tiger Finds First Words. The book is within a series called Learn With Magnets. Here is an excerpt of the first page spread: Timmy the Tiger has lost his cub. He sets off into the jungle to look for him. On the first page, there is a word spelled, c u b. Each letter is housed in a square. There are magnetic letters attached to the book which are magnets. The child may be asked to place the corresponding magnetic letters on each square. The next page the word is l o o k. The magnets adhere to the book! This is a clever way to teach children letters and words! Other words in the book are pond, frog, hug, fox and more. I enjoyed reading this book. I recommend this book to children learning to read, ages 3 and up. The other book that arrived from Top That! is called Five Little Penguins. Here's an excerpt: Five little penguins on the icy shore. One dives into the ocean, so now there's only... Four little penguins looking out to sea. One spots his mummy coming back, so then there were... I liked this book a lot because of the rhyme and also the die-cut penguins that disappeared one by one as the pages turned. The 3-D effect of the penguins make this a charming book for children 3 years of age and up. Links to Timmy the Tiger and Five Little Penguins: http://www.topthatpublishing.com/title?id=5368 http://www.topthatpublishing.com/title?id=5845