Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Highlights for Children Magazine

After receiving a letter in 2003 from a Highlights editor that my craft Croatian Fruit basket would be published then waiting 9 years before I saw it in print...well I was thrilled! This publication is highly esteemed and it has a 2,000,000 circulation monthly. It was worth waiting for!


Kathy Temean said...


Congratulations! Nine years. I wonder if that is a record? I know someone who's picture book was published by Boyd's Mill Press and it took over five years for it to hit the shelves. But that was a book. The things they have published of mine came out a lot sooner.


Lily said...

Over the years, I kept writing to them asking them when the craft article would get published. They kept saying that it will get published, it's just a matter of 'when'. They did not know. One day, I went to my mailbox and discover 2 copies of the June issue. Was I ever surprised but elated!