Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dot to Dot in the Sky Reviews

     I have four books to review. They are in a series called DOT TO DOT IN THE SKY.
The first book that I would like to review is  Dot to Dot in the Sky STORIES OF THE MOON by Joan Marie Galat, illustrations by Lorna Bennett. It begins with moon myths, moon phases and observations of the moon.        "A very long time ago, Rabbit lived in a remote forest, far away from any people.
                         Rabbit was a superb hunter. He set traps to catch birds and small animals....."
                       "The moon always rises in the east and sets in the west."
                       " By studying and dating lunar rock samples, scientists discovered the Moon
                        is 4.6 billion years old."
                        "Scientists still study the rock and soil brought back from the Moon."

     There are many moon myths that are captivating for a classroom or children at home to share in this book plus wonderful facts about the moon. I appreciated the glossary at the back of the book that I could refer to when reading. I learned a lot about the moon and you can too if you pick up a copy!
     Dot to Dot in the Sky STORIES OF THE PLANETS was my next book to read.
It begins "You gaze up at the night sky and see a multitude of sparkling dots of light. You know everything you see isn't a star--but where do you begin a search for the planets?...Have you ever noticed a bright object in the night sky that was not twinkling? You may have spotted a planet."
     This book is full of information about the planets and myths from the ancient world that surrounds each one.
                        At the beginning of time, there was only a dark, shapeless emptiness named
                        Chaos. Mother Earth --called Gaia--was born from Chaos. Nobody lived on
                        Earth and Gaia was lonely until she looked up and fell in love with the sky,
                        named Uranus."

     The illustrations are vivid, bright and colorful. I really liked the book--a great read!

     Another book in the series called Dot to Dot in the Sky Stories of the Zodiac includes a 'Glow in the Dark Star Map'. This is an innovative idea to make the book sparkle even more! This book is about discovering your own zodiac constellation, celestial objects and ancient tales.
                         The Little Milk Dipper's handle is in the Milky Way, as if someone is
                         scooping up milk to serve witht the tea in the Teapot.
Here is an excerpt of the fourth sign of the Zodiac:
                         Cancer the crab has a small part in Greek mythology. It appears briefly
                         in a story about the hero Hercules, who was famous for his noble bravery
                         and enormous strength.
     I thought it was interesting to learn about my zodiac sign and others. I enjoyed this book!

     The final book that I read was Dot to Dot in the Sky STORIES IN THE STARS. I discovered there are many shapes in the sky like a bull, eagle, swan, dragon or a queen!
An excerpt that I found interesting: "The Big Dipper is the starting point for finding several constellations because it is one of the easiest star patterns to spot."
This book examines fifteen constellations and myths.
                            One Greek myth tells about the a great singer and musician named
                            Orpheus. He played the lyre so well that even wild animals would
                            come to hear the music. After his death, Orpheus was placed in the
                            sky as a swan, near the stars of his lyre.  
     All four books are a recommended read! I give all four books a rating of five out of five books!

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