Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Fossil Hunters-Book Review

The Fossil Hunters by Marilyn Helmer, illustrated by Dermot Walshe is published by Orca Book Publishers. It is part of their ORCA ECHOES series for children seven to nine.
Here's an excerpt: "Kyle and I are too busy to play kid's games," said Marcus.
"Monopoly is not a kid's game," Shelley declared.
"Last Summer everyone played."
"So, go play with everyone else," said Marcus.
"Kyle and I are busy."
Shelley was mad and sad.

Three children are camping together during summer at Gray Rock Lakes. Shelley finds a fossil and Marcus wants to have it. Did Marcus take the fossil? Read and find out.
I enjoyed reading this book. I give it 4 books out of 5 books!

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