Saturday, September 19, 2009

Steve Nash

I shook Steve Nash's hand yesterday. My son, Jure talked to him for a while, met him at his car, showed him into the school. The coach chose Jure because Jure received the Athlete of the year award last year. Steve Nash was at my son's school because he was promoting his foundation to help underserved children in communities of B.C., Arizona and Paraguay. He also gave a talk about how important it is to follow your passion and your dreams and to set goals and work on achieving the goals everyday.
Everything he said and everything he stood for gave me motivation in my own life as a children's author. His words gave me encouragement to keep going as a children's author. Every once in a while, it is so gratifying to hear words of positive reinforcement that one can achieve one's goals and don't give up. In the children's writing world, there are many times when a person just wants to quit. There are so many rejections in this line of work, it's incredible! It can get anyone down.
I was so happy to have had the opportunity to meet him and for him to pass on some encouragement. I hope that it helps you too.

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vjc said...

It's always encouraging to hear those types of speakers, and to know our children are hearing this message from their role models too. Thanks for the reminder.

Very cool for your son to get to be Steve Nash's welcoming committee too!