Thursday, July 9, 2009

Writing Books for Children

Are you starting out? Do you want to start writing for children? It's not easy but you can do it! With patience, perserverence and consistency, you could write a whole picture book or short story for a magazine.
What do you do? Where do you go to begin such a task? The simplest of all materials but they are the main materials, are a pen and paper. What are these you ask? Today, in a world filled with technology, these items are becoming passe. But I think pen and paper are the fundamentals of any good writer. You can put them in your purse or pocket and go anywhere with them without having to carry a laptop. Some people can not even afford a laptop, the pen and paper are inexpensive. Sometimes they are free too. Some business' give out free pens and there is always paper around too. 
My powerpoint presentation explains the 'where to start' process in detail and will guide you to a children's writing experience. It's called Children's Book Course-Where to Start? Tips on what to do and how to begin your path to writing books for children.
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