Monday, August 27, 2007

Author of the Month

Beatrix Potter is the author of the month. Have you ever watched "Miss Potter"? I watched it more than five times. It's an all inspiring movie. She passed away in 1943. She seemed to have lived a full life because she expressed her passion through Peter Rabbit and many of her other stories. I love that line in the movie when it says, "There's something delicious about writing your first word, you never know where it will take you..."
Every ounce of that movie tells me this woman had a gift for stories. I think there is a gift in every writer or author who aspires to succeed in children's writing. I know it's hard to break in with your first book but don't give up. If your passion is strong about writing for children, like Beatrix Potters then you can succeed too just like she did. I believe that if we use the writer's gift then we can go accomplish beyond anything we can imagine. We never know what's around the corner.

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