Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Websites and Books

Here are some best websites:
I took a look at and listened to the podcast. Kathy Lowinger speaks about the book industry. An informative podcast for everyone interested in children's books. But there's much much more on this site. Check it out.
Margriet Ruurs' website is one of my ultimate favorites:
Her books are outstanding!
Someone wrote in saying they enjoy websites from these authors: "Linda Granfield (author), Martha Newbigging (illustrator), Werner Zimmerman (illustrator and author) and Loris Lesynski (illustrator and author)". Also of interest is a publishing house website called
A best book called Writer's Market - Where and How to Sell What You Write is available at Barnes and Noble Bookstore.
Another best book is found at
called Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry!
Check it out!

Thanks to all that wrote in, keep it coming!

All the best,
Lily Erlic
Children's Author

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